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Saint Margarets Workstart

Financial Security


Living on the streets, in a vehicle, abandoned buildings or tents create significant, and in most cases, insurmountable barriers to employment. Those without a home find themselves excluded from the workforce when a potential employer find their address or lack of one.

Above all, there is wide belief in our society that the homeless people have substance addiction, criminal background and a lack of desire to make a living.

Seeking employment is less of a priority when one does not know where they are going to be safely sleeping that night or where their next meal will be coming from.

Research by the Swinburne University Institute for Social Research, Victoria, has found that

“Homeless people are willing and able to work and contrary to stereotypes, homeless people do want to work and they often want to engage in work quickly. Chronically homeless individuals and those with multiple disabilities can participate in the labour force, provided they have appropriate support”.

To re-enter the workforce homeless people need interview skills and appropriate credentials.

Saint Margarets will address these issues with the Foundation’s Workstart program which is primarily based on a successful program developed by St Mungo’s, London, who for over 50 years has been at the forefront of efforts to tackle homelessness and augmented by social enterprises and employment facilitation.


Social enterprise businesses to gain skills and employment

Our Workstart Program is designed to assist those who are ready to focus on
gaining employment Depositphotos 199787540 xl 2015 LOW
by working through barriers and setting goals to gain
and maintain sustainable employment.

The Six Step Program consists of:

  • ldentify individual's work desires and strengths
  • Volunteer work and vocational training to build confidence and skills
  • Develop CV’s, interview skills, locate appropriate employment
  • Counselling to deal with initial work anxieties
  • Assist with employment documentation requirements
  • Provide advice, guidance ongoing mentorship

Social enterprise businesses

  • Op Shop 
  • Low cost supermarket
  • Furniture restoration
  • Hydroponics


Guidance to gain and maintain employment