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Saint Margarets Homestart

Facilitating permanent accommodation


At the basic level a home is simply a shelter, but it is certainly much more. A home provides safety, security and a sense of wellbeing that most Western Australians take for granted.

Evidence based research by the University of WA Centre for Social Impact shows women sleeping rough experience elevated levels of physical and mental health conditions, substance abuse issues, domestic violence and interactions with the justice systems relative to both the general population and women experiencing other forms of homelessness such as couch surfing or supported accommodation.

A place to call home provides for physiological, safety, belongingness and esteem needs.

As part of the Saint Margarets Transitional Model of safe temporary accommodation, individual counselling, substance abuse rehabilitation, addressing mental wellbeing, upskilling and employment placement the Foundation will facilitate location and assistance for permanent and sustainable accommodation.

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The Foundation’s Transitional Model provides a platform to enable re-establishing sustainable independent living through Safestart, Helpstart, Quitstart, Healthstart and the all-important Workstart program.

The Homestart program will facilitate return to private rental accommodation for independent living by:

  • Working with a real-estate group to facilitate rental accommodation and with negotiations and documents
  • Provide a rental bond loan repayable over 12 months
  • Ongoing guidance and mentorship
  • Providing a private social network Alumni for continual contact with current and past village friends and the Foundation
  • Providing weekly Beyond Homelessness group meetings to discuss issues in particular budgeting


Home with a roof overhead and lock on the door