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Saint Margarets Helpstart

Individual counselling


Providing accommodation does not in itself solve all problems experienced by homeless people. More often than not additional wrap around services are required to help ensure successful transition back into independent living.

Research underlines the importance of ensuring women have access to holistic support that recognises and responds to the interrelation of needs and enables them to improve aspects of their life that are important and matter the most to them.

A common recurring theme among homeless and ex-homeless women is that of judgement, stigma and shame.

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Once in the stable safe accommodation of Safestart the need for individual, one on one, counselling is essential to enable ex homeless people to address and overcome issues so helping to fully reconnect with community and enjoy a stable and rewarding life.

The Foundation’s Helpstart program will be run by experienced, empathetic and supportive qualified counsellors and focus on supporting people to explore and work towards their goals to have a life to which they aspire by:

  • Listening to, understanding and valuing unique individual experience
  • Talking through issues of concern and addressing solutions
  • Addressing anxieties and work towards overcoming them
  • Identify goals and look at ways to achieve them
  • Focus on strengths, explore real options taking practical steps towards achieving goals
  • Build and enjoy positive, supportive relationships
  • Create opportunities that empower to learn and thrive
  • Provide assistance in dealing with various government departments and documentation


Getting help and guidance when needed