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Saint Margarets Beyond Homelessness

Regular ongoing support and guidance


Two major concerns of post homelessness are financial budgeting and fear of returning to homelessness. The Foundation will run weekly meetings of a Beyond Homelessness encounter group where women can bring up any topic without feeling judged. Areas will include mental wellbeing, general health, reconnecting with family, work related issues and financial budgeting for daily and recurring expenditures. Meetings will be run by a qualified staff counsellor backed up by external specialists and include:

  • Beyond Blue Financial Wellbeing model as financial health and mental health are intrinsically linked:
    Budgeting with a low income, money in versus money out, separating needs from wants, planning to pay utilities.

  • Barefoot Investor model
    The model includes a simple three bucket solution where money is put on autopilot and domino debts.

  • Moneysmart (Australian Government)
    How to do a budget in easy steps to plan and manage how to spend money by setting money goals to stay on top of bills, saving for emergencies and setting spending limits.

  • Act, Belong, Commit model
    Being active, with a sense of belonging and having a purpose all contribute to happiness and good mental health.

Meeting’s Ethos

  1. Purpose is Fellowship and Support with Integrity and Dignity
  2. Renewing a Strength of Spirit
  3. Raise any topic without fear or concern
  4. An Open Mind for Possibilities
  5. After meeting coffee time to share experiences
  6. Building a Life for the Future
  7. Onwards and Upwards

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Life’s Ethos

  1. Go calmly amid the noise and haste of life
  2. Without surrender be on good terms with people
  3. Speak truth quietly and clearly
  4. Listen to others with their story
  5. Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are irritations of the spirit
  6. Do not compare yourselves to others as you will do your head
  7. Exercise caution for the world is full of trickery and deceit
  8. Nurture your strength of spirit and your shield of faith
  9. Enjoy your achievements and plans
  10. Do not distress yourself with imaginings
  11. Take kindly to the counsel of years gracefully surrendering the things of youth
  12. Have peace in your heart and strive to be happy


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Overcoming fears and anxieties