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Saint Margarets will provide:







   Homeless Shelter Village with facilities  Read more

   Case management and ongoing counselling  Read more

   Specialised substance abuse program  Read more

   Specialised mental wellbeing program  Read more

     Specialised employment seeking service  Read more

    Facilitating sustainable private accommodation  Read more


42% of the homeless population in Western Australia are women with a large proportion being older women resulting from domestic violence, or relationship issues (the main reason), lack of financial resources, forced out of the workforce, death of an income earning spouse or health issues. UWA estimate just under 400 women sleep rough in WA.

Those women suffering abuse in the home sometimes the only course of action is to get into their car, take children if any, sleep in the car until assisted by government or not for profit service provider which may take days or in some cases weeks. The WA Police report each week there are some 400 domestic violence or assaults by a partner or family member in our State.

Saint Margarets will operate a 24/7 emergency accommodation hotline for immediate access to our proposed Shelter Community providing safety from which to re-establish and transition into independent living in a safe and positive way.


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